Yoder Service & Supply Offer Sugarcreek, Ohio Affordable Roofing Supplies

Whether you have been searching for specialty roofing shoes for your business or your weekend project, Yoder Service & Supply offers the most affordable roofing supplies. Investing in roofing safety supplies will pay back ten fold. No matter what project you intend on doing, tackling your roof can be hazardous without the proper supplies. Before you start any project on your Sugarcreek, Ohio; Dundee, Ohio; Beach City, Ohio home, stop by Yoder Service & Supply.

Whether you are just making some home improvements or thinking of selling, roofing projects can change the entire look of your home. A new, fresh roof gives your entire house a face lift. Investing in roofing safety supplies can make that project go by faster and safer. Yoder Service & Supply carries any roofing supplies that you may need to get started on your home improvement project. Their affordable roofing supplies lets you stock up on everything you may need to finish your project. Yoder carries an extensive inventory of ladders to help you with your roofing project. Whether you need an Xtend+Climb telescoping ladder, proladder-dok, Werner Multi ladder, or an extension ladder from 16-40. The Xtend+Climb ladder extends and locks by the foot to accommodate jobs of any size. The aluminum alloy ladder expands from 30″ to 12-1/2′, making it perfect for any roofing task you have. The pro ladder-dok helps protect your spouting. The pro ladder-Dok easily fits into 5 inch gutters and holds the ladder away from the gutter’s edge to ensure that it won’t crush your gutters.

Yoder Service & Supply can even provide you with specialty roofing shoes. Cougar Paws roofing boots were designed by a roofer and have proved to be the safest and most durable boots for roofers. The traction grip pad adheres to the sole of the boot with industrial strength Velcro that drastically improves your safety. The All-Purpose Replacement Pad can be attached to any Cougar Paws boot. It is ideal for plywood, wood shakes, felt, slate, shingles. You can also buy The Cougar Paws Metal Spike pad to ensure more safety. The Metal Spike pad has excellent non-slip traction, maximum holding power and durability, and is not made for brand new roofs. Each of Cougar Paws roofing boots are designed with your safety in mind. Being a roofer, the designer understands what qualities are essential in a boot for your comfort and safety.

The inspiration for a DIY project doesn’t always begin at a practical or convenient time. That’s why Yoder Supply & Service is open for business at 5:00am on weekdays! While, they are closed on Sunday, Yoder is open from 7-11 on Saturday’s. No matter what part of the project you are in, Yoder can help you. Their affordable roofing supplies lets you get everything you could possibly need for your home improvement project, including ladders. Yoder Supply & Service is your one stop shop for any roofing safety supplies, ladders or specialty roofing shoes that you may be looking for. To see how they can help you with your Dundee, Ohio; Sugarcreek, Ohio; Beach City, Ohio home project, stop in to see them or give them a call at 330-359-2300.

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