Wayne Garage Door Has High Quality Aluminum Awnings Available for Homes Throughout Northeast Ohio.

When spring arrives, so does the weather spring is associated with: rain, wind, and sunshine. The warm temperature the sun brings can put a damper on our plans as much as rain can, but that doesn’t have to be the case. At Wayne Garage Door in Dover, Ohio, you can find a wide variety of exterior home features—including aluminum awnings! These awnings are some of the strongest available, helping to keep harmful UV rays out of your home. If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, consider investing in retractable awnings made of elegant fabrics for your home from a name brand company like Aristocratic Awnings! These awnings install on the outside of your home but you can operate them on the inside, making you the one in charge of how much or how little light is permitted into your home. Also available from Wayne Garage Door – located in Tuscarawas County, Ohio— are solar shades and pergola canopies. Whether you’re keeping cool in the inside of your home or enjoying a nice dinner outside under your pergola, there’s no better places to go for sun protection in Northeast Ohio than Wayne Garage Door this spring!

Did you know that more energy is lost through glass windows and doors in a typical house in Northeast Ohio than any other construction element? Furthermore, 50% of the solar heat that enters a room comes through the glass, making windows responsible for the greatest energy loss in a home as they have the lowest insulation value. Luckily, Wayne Garage Door –located in Dover in Tuscarawas County— offers a wide selection of name brand products from Aristocratic Awnings such as retractable awnings for your home. These beautiful fabric awnings act as an efficient cooling method that requires little to no maintenance, much like aluminum awnings. Blinds and curtains are fine, but they can’t hold up to the UV rays the sun projects, nor do they keep out the heat of the sun. By installing an awning to your home, you can help reduce air conditioning costs inside the house while providing comfortable shade outside.

Many who don’t have awnings regret that they can’t use their deck, patio, or pergola as often as they would like because of the heat and glare of the sun. Awnings and other shade products can add both beauty and passive home cooling to your residence such as a solar shade for your patio windows, but they’re not appropriate for a pergola. For your pergola, consider a canopy. Like awnings, these pergola canopies provide flexible shade for your patio, deck, yard or pool area and are a great alternative to awnings when you’re looking for privacy or need more protection from the sun or rain. Whatever your sun protection needs may be, Wayne Garage Door can help you keep your home cool and functional this spring.

Aluminum awnings require virtually no maintenance, staying on your home all year-round to continuously protect against the heat of the sun’s rays without blocking your view outside your windows. Retractable awnings do the same as the aluminum ones with the exception that they  are made of beautiful fabrics to match your homes style and that you can choose when they need to be up and when they need to be retracted back to let a little more sun inside. Both can help reduce your cooling bill in Northeast Ohio, just as solar shades can when used to their full extent. These shades are ideal for sunrooms, helping to keep your relaxing environment cool inside despite the heat outside from the sun. Do you have a pergola at your Tuscarawas County, Ohio residence? If you do, then you know that without a canopy your dining set can be exposed to the sun as well as the rain. Don’t let your next lunch gathering fall victim to the sun’s rays when dining underneath your pergola, invest in a quality canopy by Aristocrat Awnings from Wayne Garage Door in Dover, Ohio! With these options and more to choose from, you’re sure to find what best fits your home’s exterior needs at Wayne Garage Door today!

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