Visit Yoder Service & Supply for Brand-Name Power Saws near New Philadelphia, Ohio

You’re working on a project at your Canton, Ohio home or Wooster, Ohio work facility. All of a sudden, your saw just stops working. After looking over the tool and wracking your brain for an explanation, you realize that the saw is just too old to function properly anymore. So, what do you do? Visit one of the big box stores, waste time waiting for an associate to assist you, and probably pay far too much for a brand-name power saw? Not when Yoder Service & Supply is just a short drive away! Conveniently located near the New Philadelphia, Ohio area, Yoder Service & Supply offers a large selection of quality miter saws. Plus, they carry various sizes of blades for metal cutting and diamond concrete blades as well.

While Yoder Service & Supply might have an extensive inventory like the big-name home improvement stores, this locally-owned business has a few key things that let it stand out amongst its competition. When you walk into this New Philadelphia area facility, you won’t just leave with a new, brand-name power saw—you’ll also take away a good experience and helpful advice. The folks at Yoder Service & Supply are tool experts and will work with you to find the exact item you need.

Yoder Service & Supply has a wide selection of quality miter saws for your use. And if you’re not sure which item would best suit your purpose, the associates at Yoder Service & Supply will help. After discussing your project with a knowledgeable associate, you can feel confident that you will receive helpful advice. The team members of Yoder Service will direct you to one of their affordable, well-made tools. For instance, you will be able to check out the Dewalt DW718 12 in. sliding compound miter saw, the Hitachi C12RSH 12 in. sliding compound miter saw, or the Dewalt DW715 compound miter saw. Any of these items would be a great choice, but the staff at Yoder Service & Supply will work with you to find the perfect one for your particular application.

And if the project you’re working on at your Canton home or Wooster work facility requires a strong, tough blade, Yoder Service can offer extra parts as well. Just over from the saws you will find blades for metal cutting and even diamond concrete blades. All designed for heavy-duty use, these items are great for construction work. And just like every other product in the store, the Yoder Service associates will help you to pick out the right one if you’re unsure.

So, if it’s time to turn in your old saw for a new model, your best bet isn’t one of the big chain stores—it’s Yoder Service & Supply. With an extensive selection of brand-name power saws and an expert staff, you can be sure that you’ll find the item you need at this New Philadelphia, Ohio area business. If you want to ask a question about their inventory of quality miter saws, blades for metal cutting, or diamond concrete blades, just give them a call at 330.359.2300. After that it’s just a short trip from your Canton, Ohio home or Wooster, Ohio work facility to Yoder Service & Supply. Why not pay them a visit today?

Yoder Service & Supply
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Phone: 330.359.2300
Hours: Monday – Thursday 5am-5:30pm; Friday 5am-5pm; Saturday 7am-11:30am; Closed Sunday