Find All Outdoor Camping Equipment and a Motorcycle Superstore at Lehman’s Big Open Road in Dover, Ohio

Outdoor activities vary as much as the people who love them. Some go for the curious adventures that come with camping trips. Others crave the thrill of a motorcycle ride and the freedom to seek out interesting excursions. Whether it’s the peaceful or the powerful that appeals to you, you know you need outdoor gear to get moving. And easy access to a full spread of outdoor camping equipment and a motorcycle superstore can make sure you keep going. If you’re planning to pack up your backpack in Stark County, Ohio; follow a new trail in Tuscarawas County, Ohio; or hit the road in Holmes County, Ohio, Lehman’s Big Open Road in Dover, Ohio is your one-stop shop. From new tents and ATV’s to motorcycle maintenance and repair, Lehman’s Big Open Road has it all with head-to-toe apparel and brands you know!

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