Direct Action Company of Northeast Ohio Discusses Impaction Colic in Horses

With the arrival of winter, many horse caretakers are concerned with impaction colic prevention. Though this condition can affect horses at any time of the year, winter makes them particularly susceptible. Impaction colic in horses is essentially constipation, where the folds in the large intestine become sights for blockages of feed or foreign materials. As this season means less water, less exercise and poorer feed quality, it’s vital that you take additional steps in order to keep the horses in your Strasburg, Ohio, or Carrollton, Ohio, stables from developing this condition. Though the issue can usually be diagnosed and treated early, late detection may require an equine constipation treatment as drastic as surgery. Fortunately, livestock supplements from Dover, Ohio-based Direct Action Company can go a long way in ensuring the health of your horses this winter. By talking to a Northeast Ohio DAC dealer near you, a plan can be developed to help avoid the trials of impaction colic.

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