Learn about Carpet Wear and Matting from Bear Carpet One Floor & Home near Millersburg, Ohio

Most homeowners are under the impression that when the fibers of their carpet are crushed or deformed, it’s considered “wear.” However, that’s not really the case. Carpet stores and manufacturers have different definitions for the various conditions of carpet, which is something to keep in mind when it comes time to purchase your brand-name flooring. Otherwise, you could find that the carpet warranty your new floor came with doesn’t cover a lot of the general “wear and tear.” Thankfully, Bear Carpet One Floor & Home near Millersburg, Ohio helps to clear up some of the common misconceptions about carpet wear and matting. By taking a few moments to read about the two, you can make sure you know what to look for in residential carpeting for your Coshocton, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio home.

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