Stop by Prucahontas in New Philadelphia, Ohio and Enjoy Some of Their Tasty New Wrap Sandwiches!

Unless you happen to be one of those lucky individuals who can take a long lunch, then chances are you need a quick lunch option. Teachers in Dover, Ohio; Uhrichsville, Ohio; and the greater Tuscarawas County, Ohio area in particular are often strapped for time, which is why Prucahontas offers carry-out ordering for their customers’ convenience. With this newly-opened New Philadelphia, Ohio eatery, not only can you get a call ahead lunch, but you can partake in some of their brand-new, high-quality wrap sandwiches for a delicious meal that’s healthy too!

Though Prucahontas has already attracted quite the following with their tasty soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps, they recently upgraded some of their ingredients in order to make their mouthwatering options even better. Now when you take the trip from your Dover, Uhrichsville or other Tuscarawas County office, you’ll be able to get a wrap sandwich made with a truly terrific wrap! Now offering quality sandwiches with white, wheat or spinach Gran Sazón wraps, Prucahontas allows customers to enjoy their lunchtime staple with a wrap that’s more flavorful and has a better consistency overall.

In addition to the fact that this New Philadelphia restaurant offers fresh, healthy delicacies, many customers appreciate the fact that they can call ahead for lunch. In fact, a lot of local teachers take advantage of this quick lunch option several times a week! By giving Prucahontas a call and placing your order an hour or even a full day before, you can ensure that your midday meal will be ready for you when your break begins. And since Prucahontas is conveniently located in the New Towne Mall food court, you can enjoy your lunch right there or simply take it back to your office. The choice is completely up to you.

With all of the appetizing choices available at Prucahontas, carry-out ordering is a great choice. Plus, since all of their quality sandwiches, salads and wraps are filled with fresh veggies, meats and cheeses, you can feel better about splurging on a couple of their fresh-baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies…

Want to see what delectable items are on Prucahontas’ menu? Check out their Facebook page to look through the quality wrap sandwiches, soups, salads and sides they have available. Once you decide what you want, just take advantage of Prucahontascarry-out ordering by giving them a call at 330.343.9555. The friendly staff at this local restaurant will make sure your order is prepared and ready to go when you make the trip from your Dover, Ohio; Uhrichsville, Ohio; or other Tuscarawas County, Ohio office. Whether you opt for a Grilled Chicken Wrap, Italian NiNi, Buffalo & Blue salad or a bowl of their creamy Tomato Bisque soup, you won’t be disappointed with call ahead lunch from Prucahontas. In fact, Prucahontas may just become a quick lunch option that you get every week!

400 Mill Ave SE
Suite 617
New Philadelphia, Ohio
Ph: 330.343.9555