Stock Up on Motorcycle Riding Gear Perfect for Fall at Lehman’s Big Open Road in Dover, Ohio

With the change of seasons comes a need for warmer motorcycle riding gear. The sleeveless days of summer are gone. Now, it’s time for bikers in New Philadelphia, Ohio and riders in Akron, Ohio and Canton, Ohio to put on coordinated pieces of protection. And if you’re short of fall riding supplies, Lehman’s Big Open Road in Dover, Ohio is the place to go to stock up on quality and style. The outdoor store has textile jackets, Olympia motorcycle gloves, and Schampa cold weather gear in wide variety!

Since there’s so much to tell about the assortment of motorcycle riding gear at Lehman’s Big Open Road, let’s discuss it piece by piece beginning with textile jackets. Made by well known brands including Fulmer, Vega, and Olympia, these lightweight biker favorites all have removable linings. Anyone familiar with how the weather sways in Northeast Ohio knows this is a plus! It makes the textile jackets versatile enough to tackle cooler mornings, warmer days, and chilly evenings without requiring a trip back home to change.

For bikers who start their days in New Philadelphia and venture to Dover and beyond, motorcycle riding gear that affords flexibility is an asset! And so are Olympia motorcycle gloves which Lehman’s Big Open Road keeps fully stocked. When paired with textile jackets by the same brand and other makers, they make for a smooth look and easy riding that bikers everywhere appreciate.

Those who pull off from Akron, Canton, and other places farther north may be interested in Schampa cold weather gear to pair with their Olympia motorcycle gloves. And Lehman’s Big Open Road has this category covered too! In fact, the outdoor store has full-face balaclavas, neck gaiters, and facemasks that make the sharpest winds easy to take. At least they are for bikers who know that removable layers are key pieces of motorcycle riding gear.

If that includes you, count on Lehman’s Big Open Road to have an impressive selection of long-sleeve shirts and hoodies. Again, quality and style are covered. This time, by Icon, Speed & Strength, Alpinestars, and Thor. And should you pick up a few essential layers along with your Schampa cold weather gear, you will surely be covered for fall! Just be sure to also check out the durable riding bags while you’re shopping. With options by Saddleman, Nelson-Riggs, and other names we’ve already mentioned, your layers with stay dry and your valuables will remain secure.

If you would like to get a glimpse of the motorcycle riding gear that we’ve discussed here, visit For full access to everything that Lehman’s Big Open Road has to offer, skip the clicks and head to the store! Try on a few textile jackets until you find the right look and fit. Pick up a pair of Olympia motorcycle gloves and the Schampa cold weather gear that’s sure to keep you protected. Then grab the extras you need for comfortable rides around New Philadelphia, Ohio or between Akron, Ohio and Canton, Ohio. And if you’re curious about specific assets, call 330.364.6936 and talk to a member of the outdoor store’s staff.

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