Renovating Your Navarre, Ohio Office? Why Not Try Carpet Squares from Bear Carpet One Floor & Home?

When the time comes to renovate your Navarre, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio office, you may want to rethink your flooring. Sure, broadloom (wall-to-wall) carpet has its advantages, but there are other options out there that are better suited for office settings. Since full-size carpet can be a hassle to replace, Bear Carpet One Floor & Home suggests that business owners look into flooring installation of carpet squares instead of the traditional wall-to-wall covering. Not only is it much more convenient for offices brimming with employees and equipment, but it’s also an affordable floor option that will easily fit into your budget. Intrigued? Then why not take a moment to learn more about commercial carpet tiles and how a visit to Bear Carpet One near New Philadelphia, Ohio can help your business?

Ever since modular carpet was first introduced into the flooring market, businesses and other non-residential facilities saw the advantages of using it versus full-size carpet. Unlike broadloom carpet, commercial carpet tiles are put together in small sections. After the initial flooring installation, there’s no need to replace the entire floor; you merely need to swap out worn carpet squares with brand new pieces. This makes it extremely convenient for your Navarre or Massillon office because it takes less time and causes less disruption in the workplace.

Bear Carpet One Floor & Home near New Philadelphia knows how frustrating it is to be unable to focus on your work because of distractions around you. That’s why they often tell office workers and business owners about the carpet squares they have available in their showroom. By putting in modular carpet instead of broadloom, you can save yourself and your employees the hassle of unplugging all of your electrical equipment, moving all of your furniture and losing precious time waiting for the office space to become available again.

In addition to limiting the amount of disruption in your workplace and cutting down on time spent on flooring installation, commercial carpet tiles can also help your organization save money. Modular carpet is generally more expensive than full-size carpet to begin with; however, when you add in the savings you’ll get from quicker installation, you’re looking at a very affordable floor option in the long run! Without the labor associated with broadloom replacement, not to mention the product itself, you’ll be spending significantly less on floor upkeep.

When you opt to put in carpet squares instead of broadloom carpet, you can feel confident that your office renovation will be fast, simple and still within your budget, particularly when you visit Bear Carpet One.

While flooring installation of carpet squares may sound like a great idea, you may be wondering about one important aspect: appearance. How do commercial carpet tiles stand up to the style of full-size carpet? Are you able to get elaborate patterns or are you stuck with one solid hue? Thankfully, Bear Carpet One Floor & Home near New Philadelphia, Ohio offers modular carpet in a variety of shades and designs. No matter what décor is currently in your Navarre, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio office, Bear Carpet One can help you find a product that is an attractive, convenient and affordable floor option. So, why not contact them today to find out more?

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