Prucahontas: Tuscarawas County, Ohio’s Boxed Lunch Specialists!

While there are a number of eateries around the Dover, Ohio and New Philadelphia, Ohio areas, there actually aren’t very many lunch restaurants available to curb that midday craving. And when it comes to finding something convenient, tasty and affordable, the options dwindle down ever further. Luckily, there is one place you can go for quick and delicious lunch cateringPrucahontas. As Tuscarawas County, Ohio’s boxed lunch specialists, this team of wrap, sandwich, soup and salad experts is just the one to call on when you need to feed an office full of hungry employees! Not only does the establishment’s location in New Towne Mall make Prucahontas an extremely convenient choice for lunch combo pick-up, but their wide assortment of sack lunches are sure to please even the pickiest of palates!

What does this local lunch restaurant have to offer for midday eating? How does a large selection of freshly-prepared wraps, sandwiches, soups and salads sound? Mouthwatering, right? Prucahontas goes out of their way to provide patrons with the healthiest and most appetizing lunch combos possible. Even that finicky guy in accounting will be impressed with the sack lunches from this Tuscarawas County establishment!

To start off your boxed lunch, Prucahontas gives you the opportunity to choose one of the regular wraps from their menu. With Veggie Pizza, Tuna Melt, Pizza, Grilled Chicken, BLT and much, much more, each of your employees is sure to find a wrap that suits their taste buds! Along with your wrap you have the option of string cheese, yogurt, or a bag of chips. The box also comes with a scrumptious Otis Spunkmeyer cookie for dessert, and you can add a bottle of water for only $0.50! For $7.99 per person plus an extra $0.50 with water for groups of at least 5, this is one affordable and high-quality lunch combo!

In addition to the regular box option, Prucahontas offers sack lunches for the soup and salad crowd. First, choose your soup. Then, simply pair it with your own custom side salad with all kinds of fresh, crunchy veggies. Choose between string cheese, yogurt, or a bag of chips, and enjoy the Otis Spunkmeyer cookie that comes with it! This option is also available for $5.99 per person for groups of at least 5, with an additional $0.50 for water.

Prucahontaslunch catering is especially great for groups of 5 or more that need something quick and appetizing that they can take back to the office. By simply calling Prucahontas and placing your order at least 2 hours ahead of time, you can have your custom boxed lunches ready and waiting for you when your lunch break begins! All you have to do is take the quick trip from your New Philadelphia or Dover office over to New Towne Mall. By going to Prucahontas’ service door entrance (617) and letting their team know you’ve arrived, you can pay for your meal and be back at the office within minutes. Needless to say, you’ll enjoy Prucahontas’ version of fast food much more than the traditional drive-thru!

The next time you and your employees are struggling to find a lunch restaurant you can all agree on, consider lunch catering from Prucahontas. Not only are their box and sack lunches delicious, but their location in the New Towne Mall makes for quick and easy pick-up from your Dover, Ohio or greater Tuscarawas County, Ohio office. To learn more about Prucahontaslunch combos, you can check out their Facebook page, visit their page, or give them a call at 330.343.9555.

400 Mill Ave SE
Suite 617
New Philadelphia, Ohio
Ph: 330.343.9555
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