Pick up a Mini-Sandwich Double Dozen from New Philadelphia, Ohio’s Prucahontas for Your Next Event

Rather than settling for greasy, heavy dishes, more and more people are going out of their way to find healthy catering options for their special events. Fortunately for those around the Tuscarawas County, Ohio, area, Prucahontas makes it quick, easy and affordable with their new Mini-Sandwich Double Dozen. Comprised of 24 delicious slider sandwiches, this sandwich platter is perfect for office gatherings, family get-togethers and more. By enlisting the help of this local catering service in New Philadelphia, Ohio, you can make sure that guests at your Dover, Ohio, or Strasburg, Ohio, event receive the light yet filling meal they need.

As Prucahontas has already made a name for itself as one of the healthiest catering options in the Tuscarawas County area, the new sandwich platter is sure to become a favorite among local residents. The Mini-Sandwich Double Dozen offers everything that customers have come to expect from Prucahontas: fresh deli meats, crisp vegetables, high-quality bread and plenty of tasty condiments to top it all off. With your choice of ham, roast beef, or turkey, the staff members at Prucahontas will assemble your slider sandwiches with crunchy lettuce, as well as provide bulk condiments on the side. Your guests will then be free to customize their meal however they want!

Smaller than the traditional grinder, the slider sandwiches in PrucahontasMini-Sandwich Double Dozen are more convenient for snacking. Without the bulk or mess of a regular sandwich, your guests are free to walk around your Dover or Strasburg venue. Whether your family members are eager to mingle with one another, or your office staff will be watching a presentation as they enjoy their lunch, the sandwich platter from Prucahontas makes for a much neater, simpler meal. It’s an especially convenient option for those hosting a memorial service where lighter fare is expected.

Along with being a handy, healthy catering option, the Mini-Sandwich Double Dozen from Prucahontas is affordable and easy to pick up. Available for just $19.99, this delectable sandwich platter can be ready with just a 24-hour notice. And rather than having to wait on a local catering service to bring your meal to your event, you can simply pick up your platter when it’s ready. As Prucahontas is located in the New Towne Mall in New Philadelphia, customers merely need to ring the service door bell (Suite 617) to have their orders brought out to their cars.

As far as local catering services go, Prucahontas has proven itself to be a step above the rest. So, if you need a healthy catering option for your next Dover, Ohio, or Strasburg, Ohio, event, consider ordering the Mini-Sandwich Double Dozen from Prucahontas. As appetizing and easy to eat as these slider sandwiches are, there’s no way your guests won’t enjoy the sandwich platter you set out at your gathering. If you’d like to learn more about this dish, or any of the items on Prucahontas’ catering menu, visit the Facebook page for this Tuscarawas County, Ohio, establishment. You can also give Prucahontas a call at 330.343.9555 if you have any questions.

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