Merit Seed Has the Ideal Spring Wildlife Blends for Your Tuscarawas County, Ohio Property

Spring is right around the corner and the plants are preparing to wake. Unlike some plants, most of Ohio’s native wildlife can’t remain dormant throughout the cold months. When early spring rolls around, deer will be trying to make up for the winter they’ve come through by eating more plant life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hunter or you’re trying to conserve the wildlife in your area, you know that wildlife nutrition is an important part of the ecosystem. If you want to help your woodland neighbors, visit Merit Seed in Holmes County, Ohio for one of their top quality spring wildlife blends. These seed blends are ideal for establishing a variety of food plots on your property to draw in deer and other wildlife to promote their health and the health of the ecosystem surrounding them. If you have the space in Tuscarawas County, Ohio or Wayne County, Ohio, Merit Seed can help you find the perfect seed.

Food plots for wildlife can be a difficult endeavor. There is a lot of prep involved in establishing where your plot should be, prepping your plot to plant the seeds you’ve chosen, and knowing how much space to use and where. With spring just around the corner in Tuscarawas County, a spring wildlife blend is going to be your best choice of seed. During the winter, deer generally don’t get the amount of nutrition they need, so in the spring, they load up on carbohydrates to build themselves up again. This usually takes place in the early spring, so a high-carbohydrate seed blend such as Merit Seed’s Classic Whitetail Blend would be a good option to choose. Doe’s that are able to eat from a nutrient rich plot such as one established through the use of this blend help keep them healthy and well fed during the gestation of their fawns and can provide fast fawn growth and development once they’re born. Hunter’s know that the bucks with the largest set of antlers are those that have been well fed and have come from healthy mothers. Whether you’re establishing a plot of forage to observe deer and other wildlife or to prep a location for hunting on your property, Merit Seed in Holmes County has the right seed to help with wildlife nutrition for every season to come. If you live in Wayne County and want to help out your local whitetail herd, consider one of the perennial seed mixes this spring from Merit Seed.

Whether you live in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, or Wayne County, Ohio, you’re bound to have seen whitetail deer roaming nearby or on your property. With their habitats consistently being encroached upon, why not help establish a location on your property where wildlife nutrition is easily acquired? Merit Seed in Holmes County, Ohio can help with this process by offering top quality spring wildlife seed to their customers. Their extensive variety of seeds and seed blends make them the ideal location to visit if trying to develop a food plot for your local wildlife to thrive. Animals, like people, need to gather their proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fat, and fibers from foods to stay healthy and prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw at them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hunter or someone who is just looking to improve their environment for their wildlife companions, adding this nutritional forage from one of Merit Seed’s quality seed blends will be sure to draw in your local deer herd and promote healthy living for the next generation through a diet of healthy greens available from your land. For more information, visit or call 800.553.4713 today!