Mattress Showcase’s Adjustable Beds Ease Back Pain, Reduce Swelling, & More for New Philadelphia, Ohio Residents

Let’s go into the bedroom of your Dover, Ohio home…now let’s go over to the bed. How many pillows do you have stacked on your bed? Three or four pillows per person? Why so many? Is it that you can’t get comfortable when you are trying to read, watch television, or just plain sleep? Are you trying to ease back pain, reduce swelling, or stop nighttime acid reflux flare ups? Mattress Showcase, located near Massillon, Ohio, has the answer for you, and it’s not more pillows! It’s an adjustable bed! Okay…now you are thinking…aren’t those called hospital beds? Oh, sheltered one…let Mattress Showcase in Canton, Ohio show you the way to a better night’s sleep in New Philadelphia, Ohio on an adjustable bed! Now, if you are not familiar with an adjustable bed and how it works…let the education begin! First, adjustable beds let you sleep comfortably at night by adjusting the pressure around your body. The bed will actually adjust to a person’s sleeping posture ensuring that the sleeper is comfortable and free of pressure on what may be trigger points. It is true that people who suffer from chronic back pain or other medical problems may benefit the most from an adjustable bed. But, who couldn’t benefit from a great night’s sleep? Did you know that adjustable beds come with such features as electric massagers and heaters? Now that has you thinking doesn’t it? Imagine crawling into bed after shoveling the driveway on a cold snowy night…elevating the foot of your bed, turning on the massagers, activating the heat and…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. drifting off to sleep before you know it!

Mattress Showcase also recommends that if you live in or around the Dover or New Philadelphia area you might want to stop in and check out the proven benefits to owning an adjustable bed. First and foremost, the number one response of owners of adjustable beds from Mattress Showcase is that they bought it to ease back pain. While other consumers have also noted that along with diminished back pain, arthritis, sleep apnea, asthma, and edema have also improved. Adjustable beds also relieve swollen joints and parts of the body that retain water. This can be accomplished by elevating the swollen part of your body. For example, a server bought an adjustable bed because she was on her feet all day. And to make matters worse, the floor was cold concrete. With the adjustable bed, she was able to come home at night and elevate her feet while sleeping. This dramatically reduced swelling in her feet and legs after a long day on the job. Another customer of Mattress Showcase came in and bought an adjustable bed because her husband had acid reflux and terrible heartburn. Their doctor recommended that sleeping with his head elevated above the rest of his body would help relieve the symptoms or even stop nighttime acid reflux. Well, after countless nights of stacking pillows and waking up with neck pain, the Massillon couple agreed that an adjustable bed just might be the solution, and it was! Of course, adjustable beds are perfect for those who read, watch television, eat, or even work from bed (and how many people are guilty of taking the laptop to bed with them?).

If you’re ready to ease back pain in Dover, Ohio. If you’re ready to reduce swelling while you sleep in Massillon, Ohio. If you’re ready to stop nighttime acid reflux in New Philadelphia, Ohio, then you’re ready to purchase an adjustable bed from Mattress Showcase. They have two Canton, Ohio locations to serve you, and you can find more information on the web at

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