Looking for Home Accessories? Stop by Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts in Sugarcreek, Ohio

Trying to find new ways to decorate your home can be difficult, especially if you have a certain budget you’d like to stick to. However, it’s not an impossible task. The key is to visit an establishment that offers unique home accessories for reasonable prices. For instance, Sugarcreek, Ohio’s favorite home and garden store, Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts, has a wide assortment of furnishings available. From seasonal decorations to products you can use year-round, Swiss Country’s inventory is definitely worth a look. With antique clocks, decorative chalkboards, desk lamps, and more, you’re sure to find at least a few great pieces to use in your Coshocton, Ohio; New Philadelphia, Ohio; or Dover, Ohio home. And if you can make it to Swiss Country’s open house this September, you can even get a discount on select patio furniture and play sets!

Though it may seem a little early to begin talking about fall events, Swiss Country Lawn & Craftsopen house is definitely worth a mention! In honor of this home and garden store’s 25th anniversary, this event will allow customers to peruse a large selection of home accessories, partake in homemade desserts, and even receive discounts on select products. In order to make room for new fall items, Swiss Country will be running great deals on their in-stock patio furniture and display play sets. By paying this Sugarcreek establishment a visit during the weekend of September 12, you can purchase one of these outdoor products for 10% off the retail price. Plus, you can try some of their delicious homemade apple pie and ice cream!

If you’re more concerned with home accessories you can use inside, you don’t have to wait for the open house to visit this local home and garden store. If you opt to take the short trip from your Coshocton, New Philadelphia, or Dover home to Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts now, you’ll have the opportunity to browse their selection of antique clocks, decorative chalkboards, desk lamps, candles, potpourri, dining sets, paintings, window dressings, and more! Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts frequently receives new shipments of home accessories, making it the best place to go if you want unique pieces to give your home a little something extra. Plus, their prices are very affordable, so you can get everything you need to revamp the rooms in your home without going over budget!

Curious as to what this local home and garden store has available now? Visit their website at www.swisscountrylawn.com to check out their current selection of antique clocks, decorative chalkboards, desk lamps, and other home accessories. Don’t forget to look at their social media pages as well since new products are often featured on Instagram and Facebook! If you’d rather wait to visit Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts, make sure to take the trip from your Coshocton, Ohio; Dover, Ohio; or New Philadelphia, Ohio home to this family-owned business during the weekend of September 12. That way you won’t miss out on their open house and all of the wonderful goodies they’ll have available, not to mention the discounted play sets and patio furniture!

Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts
2131 State Route 39
Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681
Ph: 888.852.2031 / 330.852.2031