Let Brown’s Heating & Cooling Help You Prepare for Spring with a Home A/C Tune Up

Spring is nearly here and as folks in Tuscarawas County, Ohio prepare to turn off their heaters, they are turning to local heating and cooling service providers to get a head start on their A/C maintenance. Though it may be a few months before you need to turn on your Uhrichsville, Ohio home A/C unit, the last thing you want to discover on the day you need it, is that you need to recharge the Freon in the unit. Fortunately for residences and businesses in the greater New Philadelphia, Ohio area, Brown’s Heating & Cooling is available to help with all of your heating and cooling needs from home A/C and heating tune ups to professional installations of new units.

Summers in Tuscarawas County can feel unbearable as the humidity and temperature rises. When it comes to ensuring your Uhrichsville home and New Philadelphia business are comfortable for everyone, you need to find a trustworthy local company that offers affordable heating and cooling services. Fortunately, the experts at Brown’s Heating & Cooling are available to help you a jump start this spring. Though they specialize in furnace and A/C maintenance, repair and installation, they also provide services for your home’s humidifiers, generators, hot water tanks and electronic air cleaners.

One of the most common reasons why your A/C unit isn’t properly working is a lack of Freon in the system. Though there are several things you can do to help improve the efficiency of your A/C unit, do not attempt to recharge your A/C’s Freon. Due to regulations, professionals are required to have a specialized license to purchase and use the refrigerants needed in these units and unless you have one of these qualifications and the proper equipment to test your system, it is imperative that you trust the experts with this matter.

However, there are simple things you can do on your own, such as replacing your air filter, sealing your heating and cooling ducts and installing a programmable thermostat. The air filter in your unit should be replaced roughly every three months due to it becoming full of dirt and dust. This is a fairly simple replacement that you can opt to do yourself or you can have the technician do it for you, when they visit to do your yearly home A/C tune up. If you part of your A/C unit is located outside, another way you can improve its efficiency is by keeping the unit clean from grass, weeds and dirt.

Preparing for the warmer weather doesn’t have to be an expensive or frustrating endeavor and with the folks from Brown’s Heating & Cooling at your disposal, you will find that your annual home A/C tune up will not only improve the efficiency of your unit, but also help you save on your energy bills in Tuscarawas County, Ohio this summer. Their local heating and cooling services include standard A/C maintenance, such as recharging your A/C Freon or replacing any parts that may be malfunctioning. And if you find you are in need of a new A/C unit you can take advantage of an amazing deal of $250 off a whole house A/C installation that can be found on their iShop page: http://www.ishoptcounty.com/savings/browns-heating-and-cooling! So whether you are from New Philadelphia, Ohio, Uhrichsville, Ohio or somewhere within Tuscarawas County, Ohio call the experts at Brown’s Heating & Cooling by dialing 330.447.6687 and make an appointment to have your A/C serviced today!

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