Learn about the Importance of Flooring Warranties from Bear Carpet One Floor & Home near New Philadelphia, Ohio

Imagine that something terrible has happened to the carpet in your Strasburg, Ohio or Navarre, Ohio home. Maybe a red wine stain is too stubborn to come out of the fibers. Perhaps the family pet mistook the yarn for his own personal chew toy. Whatever the reason, you look to your flooring warranty only to find that a carpet replacement isn’t covered by the manufacturer. So, where does that leave you? Chances are that you’ll be forced to purchase a completely new carpet out of pocket. Situations like these are why Bear Carpet One Floor & Home encourages customers to examine the warranty on their new flooring before they buy. Though some products such as Lees® carpet may have extensive warranties, others like Stainmaster® carpet may not give you the coverage you need in an event like the ones mentioned above. Fortunately, Bear Carpet One Floor & Home near New Philadelphia, Ohio helps you to make the best investment for your home by explaining how important a warranty is in terms of flooring products.

If your carpet is stained or damaged to the point that it’s completely destroyed, then you realize how important a flooring warranty really is. However, when you’re walking through Bear Carpet One, checking out their inventory, your only concerns are price and appearance. Since no one can see the future, many homeowners make the warranty their last priority. It’s only when something goes wrong that they realize what a mistake that was…

Having seen more than their fair share of customers in need of carpet replacements, the associates at Bear Carpet One near New Philadelphia make sure to explain the coverage that comes with each of their new flooring products. Though a flooring warranty may seem great, there are often exceptions within the small print that homeowners don’t see at the time of purchase. Only later do they find that the manufacturer won’t cover a carpet replacement for pet, food, or beverage-related accidents. However, there are some that mean exactly what they say. Lees® carpet, for example, comes with a 25-year, no-exclusions warranty. When you choose to put one of the Lees® carpet products from Bear Carpet One in your Navarre or Strasburg home, you’ll never have to worry about discovering a clause in your warranty that prevents you from obtaining new flooring. Selecting a brand like Lees® will give you complete peace of mind.

Another thing to watch out for is pro-rating. Although most warranties do pro-rating, some do not. Stainmaster® carpet, for instance, does not pro-rate. Since Stainmaster is actually a yarn manufacturer, their fibers are available for purchase by any carpet mill that wants them. When you buy a “Stainmaster® carpet,” your replacement will not need to be pro-rated, saving you a lot of money.  If your carpet is pro-rated you will need to pay a percentage of the replacement, determined by how long you have owned the carpet.

Since no one relishes the thought of missing a key clause in their flooring warranty, Bear Carpet One helps their customers to understand what each agreement actually says. When you choose to purchase Stainmaster® carpet, Lees® carpet, or any other product from Bear Carpet One Floor & Home, you’ll receive a thorough explanation from one of their knowledgeable associates. The new flooring you choose for your Navarre, Ohio or Strasburg, Ohio home is up to you, but rest assured that you’ll walk away from this New Philadelphia, Ohio area business with an understanding of what it will take to get a carpet replacement later down the road.

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