Learn about the Differences between Carpet Mills from Bear Carpet One Floor & Home near Dover, Ohio

When it comes to purchasing carpet for your home, the old adage, “you get what you pay for,” holds true. The difference between high-end carpet and discounted carpet is often significant, and can be seen with just a brief inspection. However, does this mean that certain carpet mills are better than others? Not necessarily. As the leading carpet supplier in the Dover, Ohio area, Bear Carpet One Floor & Home offers a wide assortment of products from various manufacturers. The question of whether one brand is superior to another is often asked by customers who shop at their store. While it’s true that some carpets are better for certain applications, Bear Carpet One suggests that the difference between putting Shaw, Mohawk, or Beaulieu carpet in your New Philadelphia, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio home versus another brand may not be as significant as you may think.

With some carpet mills, the difference in the quality of their products is like night and day. For instance, if you look at high-end carpet from a popular manufacturer versus discounted carpet from a lesser known brand, you may see that the latter focuses more on price than the actual condition of the product. In this case, choosing the former option for your Massillon or New Philadelphia home will provide the better value as poorly-made carpet will fall apart within a few years, forcing you to spend more money to replace it.

Whether Shaw, Mohawk and Beaulieu carpets are better than such brands as Dixie, Kraus, Cavalier and Southwind is a bit harder to determine. Plus, there are also high-end carpets from names like Stanton, Nourison and Couristan. This is where homeowners shopping at their local carpet supplier often get confused. Each of these brands boasts high-quality carpet that is both attractive and durable. So, does it really matter if one carpet mill is considered more popular than another? Bear Carpet One Floor & Home suggests no.

As with vehicles, some wholeheartedly believe that one brand is better than another overall. Many homeowners are unaware of it, but choosing between Shaw, Mohawk and Beaulieu carpet is the flooring industry’s equivalent to the old ‘Ford VS Chevrolet’ argument. While the products they offer are fairly similar in price, shoppers tend to stick with brands that they know and trust. So, what do you do if this is your first time replacing the carpet in your home? You focus on the fiber type, color and style that best fits your particular application. As Bear Carpet One has assisted countless shoppers with choosing the right flooring for their homes, this Dover area carpet supplier can help strip away the names and allow you to focus on your home and family.

With a wide selection of Shaw, Mohawk and Beaulieu carpet, as well as some high-end and quality discounted carpet brands, Bear Carpet One Floor & Home can provide you with the new flooring that best fits your Massillon, Ohio or New Philadelphia, Ohio home and your budget. When you pay a visit to this Dover, Ohio area carpet supplier, their associates would be happy to talk to you about carpet mills and the differences between them. You can be sure that whatever route you choose to take, you’ll wind up with the strong, beautiful and long-lasting carpet you need.

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