Identify Common Furnace Problems & Call Brown’s Heating & Cooling in Tuscarawas, Ohio for Solutions

The winds of change are blowing across Northeast Ohio. Mornings are cooler in Dover, Ohio and Dennison, Ohio. And evenings are downright chilly in Newcomerstown, Ohio. Clearly fall is on the way with winter nipping at its heels. That makes now the ideal time to determine whether you need furnace repairs or a new furnace. Checking for the most common furnace problems listed here is a great starting point. Should you detect any issues at your home or business, don’t worry. Brown’s Heating & Cooling in Tuscarawas, Ohio can take care of it all before the first snowflake falls.

The most troubling of the common furnace problems that we’ll review today is a system breakdown. You attempt to turn on the heat and hear strange sounds or total silence instead. The natural reaction is of course to panic or fret over the expense of a new furnace. But this common furnace problem is the result of missed maintenance more often than it is an indicator of a fully defunct furnace. That means there is a significant chance that a tune-up could restore optimal operations.

A finicky furnace is yet another of the most common furnace problems. Sometimes it does its job, and sometimes it doesn’t. Parents in Dover and company leaders in Dennison can tell you that occasional warmth won’t cut it during winter in Northeast Ohio. And the experts at Brown’s Heating & Cooling in Tuscarawas would surely agree. They would add, however, that touch-and-go warmth usually means there is a problem with a heating system’s pilot or ignition control. And in most cases, affordable furnace repairs can resolve either issue.

A little bit of a good thing is up next. By that we are referring to a furnace with reduced air flow. This issue is known to have people in Newcomerstown repeatedly passing their hands over outflow vents. They usually feel the heat, but not nearly enough to keep their spaces as warm as they would like. It takes a pro to determine whether furnace repairs or a new furnace is necessary in these cases. Reason being, each furnace owner’s troubles could stem from multiple sources. Dirty or clogged filters, fan motors, belts, and bearings included.

Last on our list of the most common furnace problems is a malfunctioning thermostat. This issue can manifest in multiple ways and is thereby best diagnosed by an expert. Your thermostat not only controls the temperature of the air that flows from your furnace. But it also affects whether you get any air at all. The problem could be connected to your furnace fan, and it could be resolved with furnace repairs.

We hope this info keeps you comfortable this winter. With frigid external temperatures undoubtedly in store for Northeast Ohio, the sooner you identify and address common furnace problems the better! Should you rather have an expert inspect the heating system at your home in Dover, Ohio or Dennison, Ohio, call Brown’s Heating & Cooling at 330.447.6687. And if you assess your own furnace in Newcomerstown, Ohio, call the local pro’s for a complete diagnosis and an affordable solution to any problems you find. Be it furnace repairs or a new furnace, Brown’s Heating & Cooling can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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