Head to Your Nearest Northeast Ohio Medicine Center Pharmacy and Start Earning Points for Pharmacy Discounts!

While Medicine Center Pharmacy’s primary focus may be on their customers’ health and wellness, they do have some of your other interests in mind, such as saving you money. Knowing how expensive it can be to keep your body and mind in good shape, Medicine Center Pharmacy of Northeast Ohio strives to keep their prices low while making sure their quality remains high. And that’s why, in addition to offering a variety of reasonably-priced health products, they also give customers the chance to earn pharmacy discounts with their Gold Buck program! By just visiting your local Canton, Ohio; Minerva, Ohio; Louisville, Ohio; or New Philadelphia, Ohio Medicine Center, you can get the supplies you need while working your way up to drugstore savings in the process!

Much like how other retailers offer a store rewards program, Medicine Center Pharmacy shows their appreciation to their customers by providing them with the opportunity to earn pharmacy discounts. So, how does it work, exactly? It’s as simple as heading to one of Medicine Center’s locations in Northeast Ohio, picking up one of their Valued Customer Cards and purchasing the health products you need.

When you take the short trip from your home to the Canton, Louisville, Minerva, or New Philadelphia pharmacy nearest you, you can stock up on all of the vitamins, OTC medicine, sugar-free candy, toiletries, and other health products on your list. And once you get up to the counter, simply tell the Medicine Center associate that you’re interested in their Gold Buck program (if they haven’t already mentioned it, that is). Then, you’ll receive your very own store rewards card that you can use to obtain some impressive drugstore savings!

What items count toward your pharmacy discounts? A number of things! Medicine Center Pharmacy offers a featured “Gold Item” every week that allows you to pick up a couple of extra points on your card. If it turns out to be a health product that you already need, great! If not, just wait until the following week to see what item they’re featuring at that time.

Still, you don’t have to wait to rack up points for their Gold Buck program. In fact, if you regularly fill your prescriptions at Medicine Center Pharmacy, you’re well on your way to earning drugstore savings! Each prescription you purchase counts as one point. Once you fill up all five spots on your card, you get $10 worth of Medicine Money that you can use for any item in any Medicine Center Pharmacy!

What’s better than being able to get the health products you need at a fair price? Getting additional drugstore savings in the process! So, if you’re trying to cut back on your spending, it may be a good idea to join Medicine Center Pharmacy’s Gold Buck program. To learn more about pharmacy discounts from Medicine Center Pharmacy, visit www.medshoprx.com or contact the Northeast Ohio location nearest you.

Medicine Center Pharmacy

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Canton, Ohio 44708

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Louisville, Ohio 44641

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