Have More Outdoor Fun with Lehman’s Big Open Road in Dover, Ohio – Your Local Outdoor Store & Kymco Dealer

We certainly have options when it comes to exploring Northeast Ohio. Open roads, hiking trails, and camping trips highlight the ways we can wander. They are also key reasons why residents of Stark County, Ohio like families in Holmes County, Ohio and friends in Tuscarawas County, Ohio favor summer and fall. And with a visit to Lehman’s Big Open Road, all can find ways to better enjoy their seasonal favorites. The outdoor store and Kymco dealer in Dover, Ohio carries a speedy spread of scooters including the Kymco Super 8 150 and Movie 150. And its impressive selection of camping supplies contains necessities like outdoor camping cooking equipment that seem more like luxuries in disguise.

If you haven’t been to Lehman’s Big Open Road, put it on your list of places to explore! To dub it an outdoor store is both an accurate assessment and a major understatement. Large, well organized, and filled with seemingly everything an outdoor enthusiast could want, Lehman’s Big Open Road makes it easy for shoppers to cover all of their bases with one stop!

Since recreational motorists are ready to zip through Stark County, let’s start with a review of the scooter services at the local outdoor store with more. Because Lehman’s Big Open Road is an authorized Kymco dealer, you can expect a variety of new Kymco models like the Super 8 150 and Movie 150 to be on display. It also means that people who currently own Kymco scooters can get all of the maintenance, repairs, and parts they need with a quick trip to Dover.

Think convenience, expect excellence, and plan to be impressed by the rest of what your local Kymco dealer has in store. For the purposes of this conversation, we’ll focus on camping items. But know that you can also find motorcycle apparel and accessories on display at Lehman’s Big Open Road. That’s why it’s more appropriate to call the one-stop shop an outdoor store with more!

As for the camping items that you have every right to be curious about, Lehman’s Big Open Road has it all from tents to survival kits. The comprehensive inventory works for families in Holmes County and groups of friends in Tuscarawas County who are planning to spend nights out. And so does the outdoor camping cooking equipment by Lodge Logic with extras that speak of excellence.

Skillets, pots, and pans of yesteryear cannot compare to this cast iron collection. Especially when you consider that some of the outdoor camping cooking equipment comes pre-seasoned per a vegetable oil formula! Self-basting with lids that flip and function as griddles are more of the perks that make roughing it with this outdoor camping cooking equipment much more fun than without!

Now you know why Lehman’s Big Open Road belongs on your list of places to explore. Obviously more than an outdoor store, the Kymco dealer meets and exceeds expectations. You can visit www.thebigopenroad.com for a peek at their products or stop by the store for a true experience. The Kymco Super 8 150 and Movie 150 are part of a massive in-store Kymco display. And the multi-purpose outdoor camping cooking equipment is available for your examination too. So take the short trip from Stark County, Ohio; Holmes County, Ohio; or Tuscarawas County, Ohio and feel free to call the store at 330.364.6936 to inquire about specific items.

Lehman’s Big Open Road
401 N Wooster
Dover, Ohio 44622