Gutter Helmet Offers Gutter Installation Specials at Holmes County, Ohio Festivals

Did you make it to any of the fun festivals in Holmes County, Ohio this summer? If not, don’t worry. The fall season is quickly approaching and there will be plenty of opportunities to participate in the festivities around the Berlin, Ohio area in the near future. While you’re probably excited for the usual fair activities like playing games and eating delicious fried treats, there is something else you can do while you’re there—save on maintenance free gutters! Really! Gutter Helmet is a frequent guest at local festivals as a way to share home improvement information with visitors and to let them know about some great gutter installation specials! If you’ve been searching for a way to protect your Loudonville, Ohio or Millersburg, Ohio gutters, stop by the Gutter Helmet booth at your next local festival to ask about their products and services!

Living in the Holmes County area, you’re well aware of what kind of damage can be done to your gutters by Ohio storms. The region is notorious for receiving rough winds and hard rain that scatter all sorts of debris. So why not defend your Loudonville or Millersburg home by enlisting the help of Gutter Helmet? By making a quick stop on your stroll through the area fair, you can talk to one of Gutter Helmet’s knowledgeable associates at the designated booth. You can learn about helpful home improvement information and how you can protect your gutters from pesky twigs and leaves.

What’s even better about visiting Gutter Helmet at your local Berlin fair? Finding out about some of the gutter installation specials that the company has to offer. Just by stopping by the booth and signing up for an estimate, you receive 20% off! Not too shabby! Plus, Gutter Helmet holds daily drawings to help their customers save on maintenance free gutters. Once you’re entered into the daily drawing, you have a chance to win $500 off the cost of installation! Not only does Gutter Helmet want you to enjoy your time at the local fair, they also want to give you the opportunity to get some major savings on your home repair costs.

To find out more about the Gutter Helmet product, visit or call 877.360.6333 to speak to an associate. And make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming festivals in Berlin, Ohio or the surrounding Homes County, Ohio area! Not only is it a chance for you to have fun with friends and family members, but to learn about home improvement information and gutter installation specials from Gutter Helmet. Once you’ve purchased your tasty cotton candy or delicious corn dog, make sure to stop by the Gutter Helmet booth to find out how you can save on maintenance free gutters for your Loudonville, Ohio or Millersburg, Ohio home!