Furniture and Other Homemade Goods Are Available at Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts near New Philadelphia, Ohio

Summer may be more than halfway over, but there’s no reason you can’t take this opportunity to decorate your Canton, Ohio or Bolivar, Ohio home. If your busy schedule left you with little time to add fun home accessories to your space, don’t worry! Summer is still in full swing at Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts near New Philadelphia, Ohio, which means they have all kinds of products available to spruce up your home inside and out! From patio sets and yard crafts, to wood plaques and other homemade goods, this local furniture store has a wide assortment of products to choose from!

Take the trip from your Canton or Bolivar home to Swiss Country this month and you’ll see firsthand that there’s no end to the home furnishings and accessories they have to offer. If it’s your bedroom or living room that could use a few extra touches, you’ll be pleased to see that this local furniture store has some beautiful and unique homemade goods for sale. For instance, this New Philadelphia area retailer has a number of wood plaques engraved with inspirational quotes. Perfect for your family room, these pieces are a great conversation starter, not to mention the fact that they can bring warmth to an otherwise bare space!

Along with their wood plaques, Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts has some great crafts to use on tables, walls, and fireplace ledges. Regular and battery-powered candles, picture frames, chalkboard signs and buckets, pottery, faux floral arrangements, paintings, and figurines can all be found by taking a stroll through this furniture store’s spacious building. Full of elegant, country chic home accessories, Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts is sure to have a few products that will complement your own décor.

As for the exterior of your home, rest assured that Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts has plenty of products available for outside as well. In fact, their patio sets are praised as some of the best in the area! Made from polyethylene, these pieces won’t crack, splinter, rot, or warp like regular outdoor furniture. Plus, they require little to no maintenance! Purchase one of the elegant patio sets from Swiss Country and you can look forward to countless backyard gatherings with attractive and comfortable furniture.

Of course, Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts has other furniture and crafts for your outdoor space too. Gazebos, wind chimes, outdoor candles, garden statues, swings, and more are available from this family-owned business as well. Whether you want to create a child-friendly space for your little ones, or make your garden really stand out, Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts undoubtedly has something in stock that will meet your needs.

The best way to figure out what home accessories will fit your Canton, Ohio or Bolivar, Ohio home is to take a trip to this nearby furniture store as soon as you can. But if you’d like to peruse their inventory of wood plaques, patio sets, and other homemade goods beforehand, visit After that it’s just a short trip over to this New Philadelphia, Ohio area retailer to see their furniture and crafts in person!

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