Direct Action Company of Dover, Ohio, Discusses Horse Weight Gain

In an article by renowned equine nutritionist Dr. Tania Cubitt, the subject of horse weight gain is discussed in length. The problem with trying to increase a horse’s weight is that many caretakers assume that they need to alter their horse feed by either giving their animals more of it or including an equine weight gain additive. While such approaches can be the correct course of action in some cases, it’s important to look deeper into the issue. Though you may assume that the animals in your New Philadelphia, Ohio; Strasburg, Ohio; or Carrollton, Ohio, stables may simply require more to eat, there could be a number of other reasons why their fat and muscle percentages are so low. For instance, stress, parasites, bad teeth and illness can all have an effect on a horse’s health and weight. Only once you can rule out these issues should you consider adding a digestive enhancing supplement or high-fat equine vitamin from Dover, Ohio-based Direct Action Company to your daily feed.

Once you’ve determined that the lack of horse weight gain doesn’t rest with some underlying illness, taking a good look at your animals’ diet is the next step. Of all the major energy sources, fiber is the most important to horses. While fiber alone is not enough for the hard keeper, there are plenty of fiber-rich horse feeds that can provide extra energy. For example, alfalfa hay can provide a horse with more energy than a grass hay of equal quality. “Super fibers” like beet pulp and legume hulls can also be added to horse feed if hay is not readily available at your New Philadelphia, Strasburg, or Carrollton stables.

In addition to increasing the amount of fiber in your horses’ diet, you also need to be sure that they can digest it properly. If any of your animals have a problem with the balance of microbes in the large intestine, yeast may be a good solution. Fortunately, all of the digestive enhancing supplements from Direct Action Company contain live yeast cultures.

If there’s no change in any of your animals’ weights after adjusting their horse feed, you may also want to consider an equine weight gain additive. Fats and oils are commonly used in feeds to increase the caloric content. By adding a high-fat equine vitamin to their daily regimen, you can boost the amount of calories they consume at every meal. Such products as Bloom and Oil from Dover-based Direct Action Company have shown to have a significant impact on horse weight gain in the long run.

While changing your horse feed and introducing equine weight gain additives can help with horse weight gain, it won’t happen overnight. Caretakers that change their animals’ diets should expect to see an improvement in roughly six months. If you’d like to learn more about how DAC’s digestive enhancing supplements and high-fat equine vitamins can play a role in your animals’ weight gain, visit If you’re interested in purchasing some of the high-quality products from Dover, Ohio-based Direct Action Company, give them a call at 800.921.9121. One of their representatives would be happy to look for a dealer near your New Philadelphia, Ohio; Strasburg, Ohio; or Carrollton, Ohio, stables.

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