Create Your Hunting Plot With a Deer Seed Mix from Merit Seed near Millersburg, Ohio!

Although not many individuals think about it, this is the perfect season to start planting nutritional food for deer! After all, hunting season is almost upon us as well as the cold weather. By planting the appropriate food for deer on your Wayne County, Ohio or Tuscarawas County, Ohio property, you can help create healthier deer. For those hunting enthusiasts, this not only allows you to help keep the deer on your property healthy all year long, but it also allows for you to create a secluded hunting spot where you know they will graze. If you’re unsure of which type of seed to use to create your food plot, contact the professionals of Merit Seed. Merit Seed stocks a wide array of fall wildlife seed for you to plant during these cooling months. This includes several deer seed mixes that are perfect for creating a hunting food plot. For the best seed available to create the nutritional food plots you need for your Millersburg, Ohio property, Merit Seed is the only place to go.

When it comes to investing in quality fall wildlife seed, you want to make sure you’re getting the best. The better the seed, the better your plant yield as well as nutritional food for the deer you’re trying to attract. Just like humans, deer don’t necessarily want poor quality food unless they have to eat it. At Merit Seed – located near Millersburg— their staff uses only the best seed available to incorporate into their blends to ensure you get the best product available on the market. After all, they want to help create nutritious food plots for local wildlife in the Wayne County and Tuscarawas County areas as much as you do!

If you’re prepping your property for the ideal hunting plot, you’ll be happy to know that Merit Seed offers a large selection of seed mixes to get you started. One of these quality seed blends that will also create a food source for deer in the fall and the winter months is their Deer Max blend. Deer Max is an annual premium brassicas blend of turnips, kale, and other plants that deer love. It’s also incredibly high in soluble protein and carbohydrates! These plants are sure to create a very high yield of palatable forage per acre that is very attractive for late season. Unlike other seed blends, Deer Max is widely adapted to all well drained soils and has a good tolerance through cold temperatures and even snow. Best of all, it requires no maintenance on your part! With hunting season almost upon us, visit Merit Seed for this quality deer seed mix and more.

Deer are all about Millersburg, Ohio this year, making now the best time to start planting your fall and winter seed mixes for them to forage through. By selecting a quality fall wildlife seed for your property’s food plot, you’ll help ensure another successful year for these animals. It’s the content of these seed blends that help create nutritional food for deer, after all. It’s during these cold months that deer in Wayne County, Ohio and beyond need the most nutrients they can get. Of course, you can also find deer seed mixes to create a hunting plot. Whatever reason you have for creating a food plot on your Tuscarawas County, Ohio property this season, know that Merit Seed is there to help. With years of experience and the top seed available in the region, there’s no better choice available. For more information, visit or call 330.893.3196 today!

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