Brown’s Heating and Cooling Want Your Northeast Ohio Home to Be Safe with Carbon Monoxide Prevention

As the winter weather creeps in on us, more people are turning their furnaces on after months of hibernation to heat up their homes as they put up holiday decorations and prepare for the cold months ahead. Though hundreds of fires happen during the holidays due to faulty lighting and various other things, most people prepare themselves with smoke detectors in their homes or fire extinguishers. However, did you know that an even deadlier creature may lurk among us, possibly even from your furnace? Brown’s Heating and Cooling in Tuscarawas, Ohio wants you to be safe this winter by knowing the importance of a carbon monoxide detector/alarm. Carbon monoxide is no joke, and being prepared is the best way to stay safe this holiday season. No matter how new your home or furnace is, preventative steps should always be taken. For those in the Northeast Ohio area, Brown’s Heating and Cooling can perform carbon monoxide leak testing for your furnace to ensure that no carbon monoxide leaks are occurring. With this in mind, there is no better time than now to ask Brown’s Heating and Cooling for a new furnace installation.

Although most people in Northeast Ohio are prepared for potential fires with smoke detectors, very few people are prepared for a carbon monoxide leak with a carbon monoxide detector/alarm. Some people do not even know what carbon monoxide is, yet nearly 20,000 people go to the emergency room for carbon monoxide poisoning, and nearly 400 people die from it each year. What even fewer people know is that their furnace could be the culprit, making winter an even more dangerous time of year. Brown’s Heating and Cooling doesn’t want you to worry though, because they offer carbon monoxide leak testing for your furnace as well as new furnace installation if the one in your home is in need of replacement. Whether you have a gas, oil, or coal heating system, you should know the importance of a carbon monoxide detector/alarm. Known as the “silent killer”, carbon monoxide results from incomplete combustion of fossil fuels (wood, oil, natural gas) and can be prevented from leaking back into your home by having your furnace tested yearly for leaks. There are instances where a furnace malfunction has left people exposed to deadly carbon monoxide or an improperly vented furnace exhaust has caused hospitalization for the same reason. Don’t be a statistic, be safe. Let Brown’s Heating and Cooling in Tuscarawas test your furnace today, or get you set up with a new one.

You protect yourself from fire, so why not protect yourself from carbon monoxide? With a $250 off Whole House A/C or Furnace Installation coupon from Brown’s Heating and Cooling in Tuscarawas, Ohio, you can get a new furnace installation at a great price. Brown’s wants you to know the importance of a carbon monoxide detector/alarm in your Northeast Ohio home as well as getting carbon monoxide leak testing for your furnace performed annually. Even if your home just needs the furnace repaired this holiday season, Brown’s Heating and Cooling can help with this and much more. For more info, visit their iShop page at or call them at 330.447.6687 today!