Bear Carpet One Floor & Home Tames Guernsey County, Ohio Allergies with Healthier Living Carpet Installation

If sneezing, sniffling, and watery eyes are common symptoms in your household, then you and your family are most likely allergy sufferers. Not only are allergies a pain when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, but they can affect you inside as well! If you’re afraid of how dust and debris can cause your allergies to attack, then you’re probably wary of getting new carpet in your Coshocton, Ohio, Newcomerstown, Ohio, or Cambridge, Ohio home. Luckily, there’s an easy solution! When you purchase your floor material from Bear Carpet One Floor & Home, you won’t have to worry about your allergies acting up. That’s because Bear Carpet One is your local provider for Healthier Living Carpet Installation—a cutting edge system that makes floor installation a much cleaner job! By choosing Bear Carpet One for your new Guernsey County, Ohio or Coshocton County, Ohio carpet, you can redecorate your home without causing a sneezing fit throughout your household. With the hypoallergenic flooring and antimicrobial treatment you receive, you can calm those irritating allergies. If you’re curious as to what this unique process consists of—read on!

After you’ve chosen your new floor material from Bear Carpet One’s extensive selection, members of the experienced staff will visit your Coshocton or Cambridge home to put it in for you. Right after they remove your old covering, of course! You will be pleased to notice that the friendly carpet layers wear shoe covers in order to protect you and your home from dirt and debris. This small measure of protection will assure you that these individuals are professionals who respect your residence!

If necessary, the carpet layers from Bear Carpet One may also enclose all room openings with plastic sheeting for additional protection. Once the old covering on your Coshocton County or Guernsey County floor has been lifted, the professionals will begin the Healthier Living Carpet Installation process. The carpet layers will start by sweeping the bare floor with a heavy-duty vacuum containing a HEPA filter. After the area has been swept, it will then be sprayed with a special antimicrobial treatment to disinfect your floor and kill any mold or mildew that may be living on the surface. You can say goodbye to odor-causing bacteria! Another added benefit for indoor allergy sufferers is the deterrent to dust mites.  Not only does the treatment kill any existing dust mites, it also stops new ones from bedding in your new carpet!

Bear Carpet One offers a unique cushion that comes with the Healthier Living Carpet Installation. This hypoallergenic flooring not only inhibits the growth of bacteria, it also features moisture-resistant technology! You won’t have to worry that spills will leak through to your Newcomerstown floor with this cushion! Plus, this amazing product is backed by Bear Carpet One’s Forever Warranty. That’s right—forever!

The professionals at Bear Carpet One will then make sure your new padding is smooth and secure before laying down your brand new carpet. After attaching your flooring, the carpet layers will sweep the surface again to get rid of any stray dust. Once clean-up has been performed, you can take a step back to admire your new carpet!

If the Healthier Living Carpet Installation system from Bear Carpet One Floor & Home sounds like something you’d like to have done in your Newcomerstown, Ohio, Coshocton, Ohio or Cambridge, Ohio home, then it’s time you purchased your new floor covering today! You can learn about Bear Carpet One’s extensive selection by visiting or by giving them a call at 330.852.3890. And if you want to read more about the hypoallergenic flooring and antimicrobial treatment that comes with carpet installation by Bear Carpet One, check out Not only will your new carpet improve the look of your Coshocton County, Ohio or Guernsey County, Ohio residence, but it will help calm those pesky allergies as well!