Bear Carpet One Floor & Home of Sugarcreek, Ohio Talks Home Flooring Estimates and Installation

The most difficult thing about renovating the home is choosing a floor surface that you think you’ll still love after years of having it in your residence. But when you do finally settle on a carpet, tile, or hardwood product, there’s another obstacle you’ll have to face: how much to purchase. You can’t get an accurate flooring estimate without figuring out how much product you need to cover an entire surface, but lucky for you, Bear Carpet One Floor & Home of Sugarcreek, Ohio shares an easy formula with customers who need help with home flooring installation. By taking the trip from your New Philadelphia, Ohio or Dover, Ohio home to this local floor covering dealer, not only will you able to pick out the perfect product for your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or bathroom, but you’ll also get helpful industry tips from Bear Carpet’s staff.

What most homeowners don’t realize when they go to pick out a carpet, tile, or hardwood product is that measuring a room’s dimensions and giving those measurements to a home flooring installation team won’t be enough. Though you do need to have enough product to cover the entire floor surface of the room you’re renovating in your New Philadelphia or Dover home, you also need to have a little extra. Why? Well, because you also need to consider the waste factor of the product you’re using.

Bear Carpet One Floor & Home explains to customers that every carpet, tile, and hardwood product has a waste factor. This is the extra footage that needs to be added for borders, angled cuts, and other trim allowances. Though some products have a greater waste factor than others, this floor covering dealer has a formula for you to use that can get you the most accurate flooring estimate possible.

To begin, you need to measure the length and width of the floor you’re planning to re-surface. Once you’ve multiplied the length times the width, you’ll want to add at least 10% for the waste factor. This will allow you to see how much product you actually need so you can get a flooring estimate that’s closer to what you will need to pay. After you’ve calculated the amount of flooring product you need for your home, you can then purchase your new floor at Bear Carpet One Floor & Home before calling on their home flooring installation team. As this is the best way to estimate how much material is needed, this Sugarcreek floor covering dealer’s team will be able to complete your project quickly without having to stop and obtain more material.

Having been the area’s top floor covering dealer for nearly three decades, Bear Carpet One has all kinds of tips and tricks to share with homeowners. But this flooring estimate formula is one that customers searching for carpet, tile, or hardwood products should all use. If you’d like to learn more about home flooring installation from Bear Carpet One Floor & Home, visit their website at or give them a call at 330.852.3890. You can also take the trip from your Dover, Ohio or New Philadelphia, Ohio home to their showroom in order to speak to their experienced staff members in person.

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