Bear Carpet One Floor & Home in Sugarcreek, Ohio Discusses the Best Carpet Brands on the Market

Regardless of whether this is your first time shopping for new carpet or not, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. With so many different carpet mills out there, not to mention carpet styles themselves, it can be difficult to determine which is right for your Coshocton, Ohio or Navarre, Ohio home. Should you go the high-end carpet route, or would it be better to purchase discounted carpet? Is there such a thing as the “best carpet brand,” or are the most popular products pretty similar? What exactly do you need to look for when you visit your local carpet supplier? Before you let too many questions flood your mind, it may be a good idea to heed the advice of Bear Carpet One Floor & Home in Sugarcreek, Ohio. With decades of experience and a wide assortment of such top products as Shaw, Mohawk and Beaulieu carpet, Bear Carpet One can help make the carpet buying experience a little less frustrating.

The first question that most homeowners ask is whether or not there’s a significant difference between discounted carpet and high-end carpet. Is the latter made of better quality fibers, or is it simply more expensive? The truth is that yes, purchasing high-end carpet over discounted carpet is a better choice for your Coshocton or Navarre home. Carpet mills that put a greater emphasis on price than quality tend to sell products that fall apart quickly. While you may believe you’re getting a good deal, you may actually spend more in the long run as you’ll have to replace your bargain carpet with a more durable product. Bear Carpet One Floor & Home suggests spending a little more on a carpet made with stronger fibers so as to avoid having to replace your flooring after only a few years.

Another issue that homeowners face is choosing between the “best carpet brands” on the market. Three of the most popular and well-respected names are Shaw, Mohawk and Beaulieu carpet. However, advertisements and testimonials from other homeowners tend to suggest that one brand is better than another. This debate is similar to the great Ford VS Chevrolet argument. While one individual may prefer the former, another may sing the praises of the latter. The truth is that it’s all a matter of opinion. Bear Carpet One Floor & Home has been one of the leading carpet suppliers in the Sugarcreek area for decades, and has sold countless Shaw, Mohawk and Beaulieu carpets to customers. What they tell their shoppers is that it’s not the name that’s important, but the application. If you need new flooring in a high-traffic area, it doesn’t matter if you choose one of the big three or a lesser-known brand—all that matters is whether or not the material you purchase will be able to withstand the constant walking and vacuuming that occurs in that specific room.

If you have trouble deciding between Dixie, Kraus, Cavalier, Southwind, Stanton, Nourison, Couristan, Shaw, Mohawk and Beaulieu carpet, your best bet is to speak to a professional like the ones at Bear Carpet One Floor & Home. The flooring experts at this local carpet supplier can help make your decision much easier by explaining the pros and cons of each product. Instead of focusing on the “best carpet brands,” Bear Carpet’s staff will highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each carpet mill according to your specific application. That way, you won’t lose money by installing the wrong type of flooring in your Coshocton, Ohio or Navarre, Ohio home. To learn more about discounted and high-end carpet, visit Bear Carpet One’s website at

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