Bear Carpet One Floor & Home in Sugarcreek, Ohio, Discusses Carpet Sweeping

After you purchase new flooring for your Navarre, Ohio, or Midvale, Ohio, home, you undoubtedly go to great lengths in order to keep it in good condition. From asking guests to remove their shoes, to keeping an eye out for kids and dark-colored beverages, you make floor care your top priority. However, what you probably didn’t think to do is purchase a new sweeper. Even if your current sweeper has been named one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market, it may not be a suitable instrument for removing dirt and debris from your new, premium carpet. As improper carpet sweeping can cause damage to the fibers, Bear Carpet One Floor & Home in Sugarcreek, Ohio, offers a few carpet tips so you know what to look for in carpet cleaning equipment.

If you haven’t taken the time to learn about carpet sweeping before, you should definitely do some research after you’ve had new carpet installed in your Navarre or Midvale home. Though you may assume that the vacuum you used on your old carpet is fine for your purposes, you could actually wind up damaging your premium carpet, forcing you to pay hundreds of dollars to repair or replace it. The best way to keep your new carpet in showroom-worthy condition is to use tools that are designed specifically for your particular carpet style and type.

First off, Bear Carpet One Floor & Home encourages homeowners to use the best vacuum cleaner available on their new flooring. While there may be a number of products that claim to be the “best,” those that allow you to adjust the brush height, fan speed, and beater bar rotation are generally thought of as the most effective on carpet. Whether your carpet is extremely soft or a little more durable, having an adjustable sweeper will give you the chance to find the appropriate settings for your floor.

In addition to adjusting the brush height, fan speed, and beater bar rotation, good carpet sweeping equipment should give you the option to turn the brush off and change the vacuum levels themselves. As a high setting can be too rough on delicate fibers, you may find all of your floor care work destroyed with the wrong vacuum. Instead, you should make sure you have a sweeper that can adapt to fit your needs and those of your brand-new flooring.

To the associates at Bear Carpet One Floor & Home, the best vacuum cleaners for carpet are those that also have wide wheels. The professionals at this Sugarcreek establishment have seen that vacuums with small wheels placed close together have a tendency to sink into the carpet pile. As this not only prevents the sweeper from thoroughly cleaning the carpet, but increases the risk of snagging, one of the best carpet tips that Bear Carpet One can offer is selecting a vacuum with large, wide wheels.

Having years of experience with floor care, Bear Carpet One Floor & Home is an excellent resource should you find yourself in need of carpet tips. Whether you need help choosing the premium carpet that’s right for your Navarre, Ohio, or Midvale, Ohio, home, or just interested to learn which of the so-called “best vacuum cleaners” on the market are suitable for carpet sweeping purposes, Bear Carpet One is the place to contact. For more information, visit their website at or call 330.852.3890.

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